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Western Food Photo Gallery

Once I had a Chinese friend tell me that she didn't like Western food. I asked what she had eaten, and she said, "a McDonald's hamburger." I said, "Oh, no! Don't judge all Western food based on a McDonald's hamburger! We have many better dishes than that!" So while I was home in America, I ate many wonderful Western meals, and I decided to take many photos for you. Here they are — enjoy them!

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This is one of America's most famous desserts: Apple Pie! It has a crust of flour and sweetened apples inside. Usually it is served with vanilla ice cream.

After dinner, friends will usually serve one dessert for their guests. However, this friend served 4! We had chocolate chip cookies, brownies, fruit, and apple strudel. Apple strudel is like Apple pie, except the crust is flakier, like a pastry.

This is a homemade beef stew with vegetables that my sister-in-law made. It was delicious on a cold night!

Here is a large salad served in a restaurant called "California Dreaming." The salad is so good because it has meat, nuts and cheese on top. They also serve their salad with a French croissant roll dripping in honey butter.


Here's a breakfast I made at home. It's a simple meal of a fried egg on toast, bacon, and cereal with blueberries. Don't forget the coffee for the American breakfast!


My sister-in-law made this delicious blueberry pie. It is like the apple pie above, except with blueberries.

Here is a pan of fresh brownies. Brownies are like a chocolate cake, although it is chewier than cake (which is more like a bread). It's best to eat a brownie when it comes out of the oven, so it is hot and served with cold ice cream.

A close-up of my brownie and ice cream!

Here is a brownie sundae served at a restaurant. It wasn't as good as my sister-in-law's, but that didn't stop me from eating it! It's called a "sundae" because it also has hot fudge (chocolate sauce), whipped cream, and a cherry on top.


Here is a real burger and fries plate! It's from a great fast-food restaurant called "Steak n Shake."

My friends from Ecuador had me over for a meal, so I guess this dish is South American rather than Western. Anyway, its Spanish name is called "Ceviche" and it is served with popcorn on top!

Here is a piece of chicken wrapped in bacon, served with rice (and gravy on the rice), tomatoes, spinach casserole, and bread.

Here is a piece of chocolate cake and ice cream. Notice how it is a little different from the brownie.


My friend Evie made this fresh bread! It was delicious with a little butter.


A restaurant served this unique salad. I had never tasted a salad like this. It had grapes, walnuts, and Greek Feta cheese on it. Very good.

Here is another "Greek" salad with Feta cheese and a dressing (sauce) made with oil and vinegar.

Green beans -- similar in taste to green beans I have eaten in China.


Here are my friends Chris and Lynn who went to get ice cream with me. There are many "ice cream parlors" in America, and this one is called "Spill the Beans" (coffee beans -- you can also get coffee there). Chris ordered a blueberry ice cream, and Lynn ordered vanilla.

I ordered vanilla ice cream with chocolate brownie pieces blended into it.

Here is an Italian dish called lasagna that my friend Heidi served to her family and me. It has many layers of cheese, meat, and noodles, and this lasagna is special, because she added spinach inside.

My friends the Graham family asked if I wanted chicken, beef, or lamb, and I said all three sounded good and they could choose. Well, they served all three! Here's a plate with grilled chicken, beef, and lamb, along with potato casserole and salad (one was watermelon salad -- a new salad for me to taste).


Here's a Mexican meal served at a Mexican restaurant. Cities in America have many different kinds of food from all over the world, and Mexican food is very popular. This is chicken wrapped in a tortilla (flour or corn flat circle). It was also served with salad and corn chips.

Here is a meal my friends the Thomas family served me. It is pork cooked in cranberries and cherries, with green beans, mashed potatoes, and corn pie. The corn pie isn't a dessert, but rather corn cooked in "corn meal" (ground corn with bread).

Here is another meal of pork served in cranberry sauce, also served with sliced potatoes and bread. I took the photo before I put asparagus on the plate, but that was also part of the meal. Many Western meals try to have one meat, two vegetables (or a salad), bread, and dessert.

Here is a salad my mother made for a dinner party. It has toasted sliced almonds and "mandarin oranges" in it.


My friend Beth made this salmon fish meal with broccoli, rice, mixed vegetables, and fresh bread.

Here is a seafood dish cooked under a pastry shell. It was served with vegetables, stuffed tomatoes, and salad.

This dish is called "Shepherd's Pie." It has a layer of mashed potatoes on top (seen in the photo), a layer of ground beef, and a layer of corn. It is served as a meal, since it has meat and two vegetables. My friend Evie also served salad and green beans with it.

This is called a steak "wrap." The outer shell is a flour tortilla (like the tortilla in the Mexican restaurant), but this tortilla is filled with sliced beef and cheese. In the background is spinach casserole, and to the right is a dill pickle (slice of cucumber that is "pickled" with dill).


Here is a strawberry salad served with pecan nuts and a balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing.

Here are my nephews decorating a train cake for Walker's birthday party. My sister-in-law cooked the cake in special train tins, and the boys are squirting on icing and adding candy as decorations.

Here are Valentine's Day cookies decorated with sugar frosting and red sprinkles (crystallized red sugar).


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